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I want to talk today about the responsibility and competence spectrum permeating all of the nature below:

Okay, so, on the very left there is utter masculinity. Think from the God's perspective, absolute power, absolute wisdom. God knows everything about everything and doesn't need anyone, everything that someone gets from God is by his grace toward that someone. This is the pefect, most possibly masculine image of God.

On the utter right there is utter femininity. A beautiful, submissive woman that is led by a masculine husband from the very left of the spectrum. If we talked about God this would be submissive followers, but principles are the same. Designs on this earth are fractal and self similar to patterns in heaven. What is on earth is a smaller copies of what is in heaven.

On the middle of the spectrum, where, in ideal world, no one should be, are either masculine, self sufficient women (disgusting) or weakling, faggity, feminine men (disgusting). These examples occour in nature, for instance, certain spiders where small, weak, feminine man is worthless and is eaten by a female after sex. Needless to say, God potrays these examples of how things ought not to be done with man which is made in the image of God.

Why is that? Why such opposite extremes? Why much more is required from masculine spectrum, to lead and know, to have strength and take care of the feminine spectrum?

Like we talked about generic vs specific thesis, to make the simpliest possible solutions you have to have all assumptions. To have the most possible assumptions you have to have all the information. Only such entity, that has all the information and all assumptions can make perfectly simple design decisions and impose simplest possible interfaces for the feminine plane to use them.

That is what meta executable in the pattern achieves - it has all the high level information about the project. REST Endpoints, queries, periodic tasks, all databases, their indexes, frontend elements etc. etc. Once we have all this data in meta executable, what would otherwise be a complex flow of getting/approximating this dynamic data from something somehow (like querying a database of executed query logs to analyze if queries are hitting the indexes - we're way too late, we could already be writing post mortems by now) now becomes trivial to solve as we have all the data we need defined in the project compile time in the meta executable.

All the dynamic metrics analysis systems from our standpoint are just generic abominations, which will never do the perfect work as we spake in generic vs specific thesis. They're neither fully encompassing, masculine, godlike enough, so they could provide everyone with perfect solution without extra integration code (they could, if they were part of the masculine plane executable in the pattern), neither they are perfectly simple, where you could provide typesafe API for them as consumers of the feminine plane. They're neither here nor there, hence, cannot be in the perfectly simple and beautiful feminine plane (like a beautiful, feminine woman), neither can they belong to the perfectly rational and all knowing and encompassing, infinitely powerful masculine plane.

Consider logging systems of today, elastic search + kibana. For the application logging all that is given is text. Output a line, then parse, possibly using complex regex who knows what. These will end up as separate parsed fields in kibana. Then make a kibana dashboard for every new crap app that comes out interpreting those plaintext messages of anything. And the work is never ending and certainly not perfect. This is because today's leftist faggots software devs cannot think straight, they provide generic output from the application and generic way to analyze that data which brings in bunch of complex caveats because it is not a specific solution.

Let's think about this problem from our perfect godlike meta executable, what we could accomplish with it instead?

1. Let's define every log message by type for every app in the masculine plane
2. Let's generate CapnProto schemas for every log entry and log only very small binary data that is the essence of the log message, using very little bandwidth in Kafka.
3. No more text, only possibly description next to log entry in the meta executable. Or, in meta executable we could specify formatting message how to visualize it for humans.

   Say, log message is how many eggs for what price someone bought in a store:
  struct LogMessageOfBuyingEggsInAStore {
    user_id @0 :UInt32;
    number @1 :UInt32;
    price @2 :Float32;

  And we could provide a template string in the meta executable, with log entry of how to format this minimal, non text data in some GUI output:
  "User {user_id} bought {number} eggs in a store for price {price}"

  We could check that all of that is logical and works in compile time, in the meta executable.

  We could check that template variables exist for this log message, that we don't use all message variables, and so on and so on.

4. We could generate frontend to perfectly display our log messages according to the message types, no need to parse text.
5. Messages logged with perfectly typesafe function from the interface user in the feminine plane:

api.log_buying_eggs_in_a_store(price: 1.23, quantity: 7)

6. We could even attach alerting if we wanted to the log entries, if some error is really bad, we'd get an alert.
7. Since messages are CapnProto we'd spend 0 CPU time parsing them when dumping all them to ClickHouse

See how much more powerful solutions we can come up with that no soy leftist faggot could ever think of just by giving more power to the masculine plane where it rightfully belongs? And simple, feminine plane would only get typesafe functions on their api to log these entries? And leftist faggots tend to have the idea that something is either efficient or elegant, here we get both, efficiency with CapnProto and elegance of defining very high level abstraction for log entries where we don't even need to write more code once we developed it and things just work by adding more log entry types!

Just like a beautiful feminine woman could feel weak, doesn't need to have much wisdom inside the arms of a masculine husband who takes care of her and the family.

Like I mentioned, today, most software developers stand in the middle. They know little a bit of masculine plane, technical details, yet they feign utter ignorance when matter comes to making all things work together. For them it is unforgivable sin that database schema, queries and transactions should live together in a single codebase where they could be perfectly analysed together! Such faggots spend decades in meetings, figuring out the most complex possible flows in a rails codebase, where queries need to be checked for correctness, but also all the logic of interacting with the database must live with rails too because muh precious ruby faggots say "it would be unproductive to develop if we don't know database schemas". As if productivity is possible in the long run when developing with dynamically typed programming language. And craziest abominations are conceived, ultimate job securities that are then implemented for multiple years with no end in sight because more and more dynamic problems keep popping up.

The alternative is the pattern, all database schemas live in meta executable, all queries and transactions live in meta executable, everything is checked before the production with possibly enabled parallelism for performance and only if everything is ok, only then typesafe user API's with implementations are generated and everyone lives happily ever after. But no, let's create unmaintainable, fragile, complex abominations instead.

Like I mentioned time and time again, paganism is a mental disorder. God mocks feminine men in nature, think of all the spiders where male is small and female is huge and eats spider after sex. Such men, such faggots, if they don't fulfill the natural responsibility of calling the shots and leading the family have no purpose as nature shows us and do deserve to get cheated on, do deserve a used up slut of a wife, do deserve to ignorantly raise not their own children conceived by a cheating wife, do deserve to be only used for their money and do deserve the divorce court. These faggots are trying to enjoy in front of their women what only feminine plane was intended to enjoy - being weak, being incompetent and women ruling over them. And woman, who tries to stick her nose into a masculine plane, being the bread earner, calling the shots, being semi-smart (just a little bit smarter than feminine woman in reality, but will never reach the levels of the greatest inventors) does deserve to get smashed and dashed, does deserve to get her heart broken by the chad train that runs through her day and night in her youth, does deserve faggity, worthless, unattractive, feminine husband at the end of her youth and does deserve bearing weak and unstable children, her daughters being raised as worthless sluts and her sons raised feminine faglet losers.

None of these two variants, feminine man or masculine woman will ever be a good solution. Most software developers today fall in the middle, in the abomination which shouldn't exist. Hence, innovations are slow. They are a little bit smarter than the general population, but from the standpoint of a masculine plane all of them are insignificant small turds who will never develop anything decent.

Just think of Nikola Tesla who invented our entire modern electrical grid. After Tesla electricity innovation has stopped, same things that were used back then when he invented them are used today. Tesla knew it all about electricity, he was the hardcore innovator and brought most of these advancements to us. No wonder his labs were raided by secret agencies. But think about what that means - today software developers are brainwashed with the idea that no, you can't be the single innovator, innovations come when lots of "smart" people put their stuff together out of pieces and everyone is supposedly needed to make breakthroughs. Reality is much less romantic, you get miles ahead of every imbecile, you become prodigy, and obvious, beautiful, simple, much more advanced solutions just keep coming to you because everyone around you is a braindead and brainwashed monkey damaged by a few years of academia.

When I was in a university, there came a subject about God object that knows everything and it was told that people shouldn't do that. You're instantly told you should not strive to be similar to God. Would God be pleased if people, who he claims were created in his own image, would try to be similar to God? Of course he would be pleased if every man tried to fulfill his image. Yet, for monkeys in university it is told to do just the opposite! What are the odds! The pattern, which could easily solve most complex problems in the most concise and elegant way, given that you represent all your problems as single database of data (the dreaded God object), where you could easily analyse and check everything for consistency is discouraged from being used so software devs would keep being miserably stupid with 99 programming languages they have to learn and drowning in problems of diverse dynamic garbage interoperating with each other.

That being said, make sure masculine plane figures everything out, so there would be utter simplicity and beauty in the feminine plane, just as it is a natural and the perfect divine way to do this as is evident in all of creation.

Good day bois!