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Started by CultLeader, June 02, 2021, 06:05:47 AM

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Sup bois. Your boi here, the cult leader of this forum.

As you can see, by a domain name, this forum is a hacking cult. And I don't mean it in a good way, like people here are cult-like passionate (even though I am passionate).

But I mean it in a way, I can't stand all the unproductive, low quality, doe-eyed leftist cuck software developers and their excuses today and hence I've created a cult of my own way, of my own productivity.

What this means, if I hear typycal BS you'd read on Quora, like there's no such thing as bad database, there's no such thing as bad programming language, everything is appropriate at its own due time, I'll ban your ass.

I deal enough with idiot developers in a daily life, I will not deal with them here.

I'm a douchebag, I love myself and I embrace it - I tell it like it is without any regard to your feelings.

There will be one idea of how to do things - that idea is mine (sorta, inspired by the LORD, my greatest teacher). You don't like that? Tough, this forum is my hacking cult, so feel free to get out.

Now, of course, reasonable people can ask questions of why things will are done certain way, and everything is divinely simplex, easily explained, rationally and logically, but the moment I smell faggotry or trolling - people will get banned.

Congratulations on reading my opinions, there are lots more to read and I hope you learn a lot. In fact, if you indulge in all the advice that I give in this cult, you'll be top 1% developer that thinks ahead, and will have amazing insights ahead of average, brainwashed, braindead, leftist cucks who will stay unproductive and miserable with their stupidity.