ChatGPT - most overrated programming tool of all time

Started by CultLeader, February 17, 2024, 11:11:23 AM

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Working on Eden platform (at this point I have AWS and Google cloud talking together, and I did bunch of internal refactorings, NixOS root on zfs and etc. anyway, 5 more clouds to go until release), I thought, could ChatGPT ever be productive enough in maintaining infrastructure? Not that I haven't heard of it, I'm user of ChatGPT it as everyone else, but when I had actual problems in infra, I even tried giving it as much context as I could and it was next to useless.

In linux when running virtual machines, by default iptable rules apply to the vm guests, which should be disabled if you want your sanity. I've been debugging this for a day, and asked ChatGPT to guide me, with logs all server topolgy and contexts. For crying out loud, I've even pasted in the culprit - the ipables rules which were blocking the traffic and it didn't suggest me that iptable rules were at fault.

When I think about it, programming is extremely precise. Having never used FRRouting before to implement routing for Eden platform it was quite a pain to get networking working across clouds. For google faggity cloud I've spent a lot of time debugging why in the world L2 frame doesn't travel between the hosts only to find out google implements its own faggity andromeda abomination network which doesn't even support L2 traffic. Meaning, in google cloud you have to rely on their slow router garbage which can never be adjusted realtime in terraform and they suggest your to run your own bgp node to interact with their faggity router! All because they don't do L2 traffic. I cannot spend bunch of time dealing with faggotry of google cloud so I simply enapsulated traffic between eden platform datacenters (which could be any datacenter implementation) in IP GRE protocol so it would fly as L3 traffic.

I will not treat any cloud specially and use their special faggotry nonsense just to make nodes across clouds talk when I have public ips in every cloud, so I should be able to implement my own routing, no? Google cloud faggots...

So, anyway, when doing this complex networking, usually, a single configuration misfire and traffic is gone. There's no leeway for error. I even had to redo networking, abstract it to have attributes for datacenters and I had to write configuration simulation in tests so now that I have got to a working state I could freeze the configuration to know for a fact I didn't break anything.

Maybe I just like the pain, but I can't wait until the day emerges where all of the issues I've been dealing with simply become compile time errors in high level Eden platform data and I don't have to deal with such low level details and can focus on finally shipping suite of applications I want to build on top of Eden platform.

ChatGPT, even given all of the context, if it makes mistakes in single place things don't work. And every time I used it to generate even skeleton terraform configs I always have to run it and debug. There was not a single time where I pasted code from ChatGPT and it would just work, except for simple queries like write lua function that sums 1 to 10. Apart from these toy examples AI is next to useless.

So the only use for AI seems to be when you need to write a polite email, generate a picture, rewrite some sentences - anywhere where precision is not important. In software engineering precision is crucial.

Let me ask you one thing, would anyone use a library that does a memory leak one in a million times? No, it would be dismissed as garbage. You have to rigorously test it to make it usable in real world in production.

Some indian faggot said with a smug face "there are no programmers in 5 years". Sure, I guess there will appear a batch of people blindly copy pasting things from ChatGPT and they'll eventually still need a programmer to fix/debug the mess which they have made.

AI coding monkeys think from a very narrow short perspective. For some reason, AI fags cannot imagine producing programs any other way than there are gazillion repositories with different programming languages and you MUST parse and process all of that context before you can contribute. Someone is doing JavaScript with NodeJS? Parse and analyze that faggotry! Someone is doing Ruby, their app is full of bugs? Parse and analyze this faggotry too!

What I do with Eden platform is radically different. I'm looking down like I mentioned in another post. My data is defined in tables and columns. All columns are sequential in column store provided by EdenDB so analyzing data is blazing fast and can be parallelized to all cores. All applications are in Rust (I'll add OCaml if there is ever NATS support added, or I might expose Rust C library for OCaml to talk with NATS). So, in Eden platform you just add high level data, it is all compiled and analyzed and every application interacts correctly from day one. There is no longer need for NodeJS faggots or ChatGPT. To tell you whats wrong or to write many tedious tests. Currently, when writing app in Eden platform literally 900 lines of Rust get generated and I write 100 remaining which interact in typesafe manner with the rest of the ecosystem, making me literally 10x developer. I don't fear to interact with database/queues or other apps even without tests.

That is much more useful than some garbage generated by ChatGPT which may or may not work (usually didn't work for me). I want things to work the first time, with compile time errors knowing everything will work. I'm not interested in some probabilistic vomit I need to debug again and again and again.

Even if I'd let ChatGPT to write documentation I need to proof read it again anyway, but hey, at least it sticks to word vomit now!

Now, I still believe Eden platform will drastically reduce engineering power needed, but it will not be by producing random vomit that doesn't work - it will be code generation and compile time errors before shipping to production. That will be the big firing of Ruby and JavaScript monkeys, not ChatGPT.

Have a good day bois!