High IQ is overrated

Started by CultLeader, July 04, 2021, 12:18:09 PM

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Today a lot of dumb people boast my IQ is so and so. They even make the fallacy of saying, since my IQ is so and so hence everything I say must be right. Good thing reality and correctness doesn't care about IQ and is not bothered with meaningless arguments from authority. Reality and real wisdom is easy to be understood, easy to be recognized. It doesn't need to be forced, people come to the conclusions of wisdom of their own free will for the benefit of themselves first and for the benefits of others. When you hear wisdom in reality you don't need PhD's to know when something is said is true, it just becomes obvious. With wisdom what you usually do is connect dots in the people's heads that they already have, sistemize their thought process and make it simpler. You do this until all complexity is eliminated and only the obvious parts that have to be there are left. That is wisdom.

Then came the officers to the chief priests and Pharisees; and they said unto them, Why have ye not brought him? The officers answered, Never man spake like this man. - John 7:45-46

Ordinary people without high education heard Jesus speak and he was bursting wisdom out of every word. They didn't need PhD's nor bible colleges to grasp what he said for the most part. Same thing said in the bible in other words in James:

But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. - James 3:17

Now let's talk about some of the dumbest, most pretentious intellectual midgets who somehow have audacity to perceive themselves as smart. That's right, I'm talking about good old leftist cucklets soy dripping software developers.

You see, a humble person that knows he's not that sharp is not a problem. You can reason with such people easily. But when an idiot perceives himself as being smart then it is much harder.

What am I talking about? For instance, in a daily life, someone made a PR where they used mutex to block access from two different threads. I left a comment "well, if you just order the code in such a way you don't need locks at all". Idiot merged anyway. And, of course, that person is perceived as smart in the team, had PhD in who knows what, I don't care. Yet the person, when presented with two options, one being use a mutex to synchronize access and another is just reorder code and you don't need locks at all - this person picked a more complex way to do things. Imagine that, a person has PhD and yet the same person is an imbecile.

And such people love overusing complex software development strategies, patterns, overengineer crap out of everything and yet these same people mock someone who works in a construction site or drives a truck as being dumb because they cannot code. Why are software developer salaries so high anyway and why are there so few of them? There is a big barrier of entry and indeed you need lots of smarts in the current climate to understand all the crazy complex mess that we ourselves have created in the first place. Imagine all the rotting Javascript in the world which soy dripping faggots debug day and night and will move heaven and earth to keep pushing abomination of NodeJS instead of some rock solid statically typed language. You see, the work of a construction worker is reduced to such simplicity with great wisdom so that very many people could join in up to speed. How long construction has been going on, for thousands of years? This timeframe has allowed for the craft of building to have all sorts of tools that will get the job done.

How looked the first house ever built? Probably like crap. And that person who built it (Adam?) likely made lots of mistakes. But that's fine, the more time passes the more practice and everything becomes easier. And of course, in the market of first houses there were very few skilled craftsmen who knew do's and dont's and probably charged a hefty premium to build someone a house, like software developers today. Eventually this workforce became cheaper.

Consider software development. How long it has been? 50 years at the time of this writing? We're in the very infancy of this craft, where first attempts bred insane complexity (by imbeciles who think they are smart) where there are very few people who could maintain it and understand it. And yet they brag about how all the garbage built is so complex that only few priests can maintain it, have much higher salaries than the rest of the people and then mock other people, who work in art that has been developed thousands of years, like construction, where everything was reduced to such simplicity and all do's and dont's are known and now understood. Some people work on software projects so long that they make a bets seeing an office across the street being built, that they will not finish this project until office gets built. And they're often right. These imbeciles cannot type with their keyboard in a wise way and make wise decisions to such extent that building with a cheaper workforce appears in front of their eyes. If that does not speak of the volumes of extreme stupidity of most software developers today I don't know what does.

Today, software development goes like this, if we used a building analogy: two people build separate walls without seeing each others work. Walls are of different heights, yet they found out about that only when trying to attach roof and it doesn't fit. This is finding out about issues in production. What is the remedy to this in house building? There is a model, a project, in which architects figure out in imaginary plane of how the house looks and model it. You can't just do all this in your head, like software architects do with diagrams and pray they work. A building, say, AutoCAD model checks if walls are of appropriate height and such problems are detected in AutoCAD so they wouldn't appear in production. And there is no question about what height wall should be, it is decided in the model. So when I look at mistakes of postmortems, like, say, database field is removed and it was used in frontend and now website doesn't work because of null pointer exception - this is pathetic. These people have no plan, no model where everything is worked out.

Such issues are worked out with the pattern, where one executable has everything related to it. We can check that database query uses indexes so it would never use sequential scans in production. We can check that query is never used if we have it as data in our plan. How fewer post mortems you would have if you checked such details before deployment and would enforce that such crooked buildings wouldn't bee deployed? 90%+ complexity I just remove with the pattern, by checking issues early and don't deal with them at all. The pattern allows you to build code like a building, you create foundations, then build more and more things on top and the code scales like a building. If there are cross context inconsistencies you know instantly instead of finding out about them in production. With the pattern you, as one developer, can do job of 100 developers and know everything will work together, hence, drastically reducing cost of the projects. Pattern is like having a building plan - todays imbecile developers build buildings without a plan! And Jira is not a plan, mkay?

And guess what? If you have well established meta executable it becomes trivial to develop with it. You need REST endpoint with the pattern? Add another row in the table of rest endpoints, define its signature, code gets generated to fill in the blank for the trivial typesafe implementation and you're done. And working in a feminine plane only you'll have much simpler job and hence, more people can do it, hence workforce for software development projects can be cheaper. And of course, leftist cuck wet dream or nightmare, more women can finally code in less understanding requiring feminine plane and get paid lower salary than few men who work in masculine plane which requires all the understanding of how everything works together, LMAO.

So this is why I don't view having a high IQ a very important thing. Once you start doing things with the pattern your life becomes so simple and trivial that you don't need to read whitepapers on how most hardcore locking primitives work. You just build abstractions that don't require them, because you see big picture earlier. That's why most leftist faglets, you can keep complaining about how women are attracted to masculine men and how nobody appreaciates your imaginary smarts in the complex abomination of a reality that you yourselves have created. And such leftist cucks will also not reproduce sufficiently in the long term and disappear from this earth themselves in due time. Complexity is not how nature works, it is simple, neither are we traveling around the sun (if you want a quick summary check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WffliCP2dU0 ), this is other thing pagan leftist sun worshipper cucks created in their mind to pervert and pollute mind about the complexities of nature which is designed simply and beautifully by the Master Builder of the bible.

Peace out bois.