The real assholes of software development

Started by CultLeader, June 06, 2021, 09:39:29 AM

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Today, most software developers are delusional, low testosterone, pussified people. These people cannot hear anything negative about their programming language, their beliefs, design patterns and so on. Doe-eyed cucks today usually are more keen to accept an incompetent pussified faglet as a leader, that has no deep technical skill, no decent logical insights, but is rather smiling and diplomatic and would never hurt anyones feelings.

This is disaster, because every improvement to our modern society was made when someone noticed that current things are subpar and need to be changed. One of the reason for this mental illness in sillicon valley is probably due to fact that nobody is measuring productivity of separate developers and nobody asks why some developer does things 10x while others linger for weeks on the same task. Even if reason is given, if you're around ruby monkeys, and you say "typesafety is amazing, I don't need to spend that much time debugging code and can focus on the problem", the usual knee-jerk irrational reaction is "we write tests so we have the same". No you don't, outcome of two different methodologies can never be equal as I've discussed in world of inequality thesis.

So you get a huge array of different methodologies of doing things wrong. In media it is beneficial, for instance, if you were youtube, you'll get bigger audience by servicing 100 ways to do things wrong. It's just more content. The more content you have, the more imaginary value. But, if you go by the way of simplicity, saying there is one right way to do things and the rest are a waste of time (like I teach with the pattern), then, all of a sudden you become enemy of all the teachers that teach 100 wrong ways to do things, with your clearly superior solution.

You see, natural gas companies don't fight oil companies, they both can make a living selling fuel. What they all unify together against is countless of inventors, like Steven Meyer, who invented water ran car . These companies quickly smell that they can become obsolete in an eye blink and kill or persecute the inventors.

Same with programming languages, if you state that python/ruby/javascript are unproductive, unmaintainable abominations due to dynamic typing and nobody should use them to implement any reasonably complex project, you become an enemy. All the false teachers, that teach nonsense about design patterns, domain driven development or what not, quickly become enraged when any other superior way to do things is shown. Nevertheless, people who seek wisdom and love righteousness will carry the truth in their heart.

This is the same thing when Jesus said, the world would not accept you.

If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. - John 15:19

Any idiot can go with the flow, like microservices are the thing, like kubernetes is overtaking the industry, like golang, despite being an utter trash is getting all the tooling. Any idiot can nod head and agree with anyone else. But it takes wisdom, wisdom of the minority who can judge in truth. Who understand consequences and implications. Who took the beating and wrote hundreds of thousands of lines of code and know what works and what doesn't. Any greenhorn that just comes out of university has his mind instantly polluted with complicated patterns and impractical technology. People in university are taught that there is java and that there is javascript, but there is no judgement that comes with it, that one is typesafe, and can be used to write millions of lines of code, and other is for weekend projects.

Are people expected to come to such judgements on their own? But how can they, without hingsight? So, they are doomed to wonder from cult to cult, without having a right way. They may do java with xmls for a few years in a bank, then, other cultist introduces them to ruby and how little code they need to write. Ruby cultist doesn't introduce them to problems that their production rails app is full of undefined method errors, which could be checked by a compiler in statically typed language. They don't say to them that they waste half their time writing unit tests. Then the new cultist rubyist either gets stuck in ruby, and assumes it is normal to push few other commits to production to fix undefined variable errors and accepts this as a norm. Or a more astute one will think "statically typed languages don't have this problem". Even if they do figure it out, they wasted years of precious time getting there and they will never get it back.

Good thing such things as this forum exist where with the pattern you get to the ultimate end solution that can solve everything ;)

But you see, I'm the asshole. I'm the bad guy. I'm in the wrong, because I say dynamically typed languages are a waste of time. I'm in the wrong because I can offer solutions of how to have typesafe SQL and knowing it will work before production. I'm the asshole, because I say current infra management tools like chef are an abomination that are very fragile and waste everyone's time. I'm the asshole because I say yamls are worthless and can be replaced with typesafe programming language to encode any configuration you want. I'm the asshole because I say what most other people know about software development is overcomplicated nonsense. I'm the asshole because I know how to do things much more productively, saving everyones time and money and likely hiring much fewer devs to achieve the same result.

Well, as history shown time and time again, even if you supress solutions to problems long enough, they'll come out sooner or later to the surface.

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. - Luke 8:17

And when everyone finally realizes, all this time emperor had no clothes it will be like the dam breaking upon everyone. But some people just hate reality and hate the truth - this is the way of the world and it will always be.