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Started by CultLeader, July 23, 2021, 03:43:36 PM

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Today I want to talk about what is a discerning factor between God's creation and between all the evildoers in this world who lie, steal and murder for their own sakes.

Consider a simple transaction, I want to buy a loaf of bread and person selling this to me wants my money in return. Transaction is completed, I eat the bread I wanted and I'm happy, the person is happy with getting the money from me. There is no strife, everything is simple. The core principle of a divine system is that every party gets what they want and they are happy.

Consider another scenario, where I have a bread factory network, that stretches throughout entire world. I'm making fixed income from everybody in the world that buy my bread. I decide that money I get, even though it is very much, is not enough for me. I buy ads, I buy scientists studies, I put tons of money into education system so I would "teach" everyone, that they have to eat three loaves of bread every single day or they will die. And that all other food is evil and unhealthy. I have deep pockets to do that, why not?

And after 50 years an entire new generation of people is raised up that only know that they have to eat three loaves of bread everyday or they will die. But wait a second, wouldn't some people figure it out eventually and call out all this nonsense I've ordered to teach these years? Sure there will always be some conspiracy theorists. But I make sure to abolish free thought, discourage critical thinking and questioning of the curriculum. I'd reward people who praise the health benefits of eating three loaves of bread in a day, and I'd punish and ostracize everyone who questions the three loaves of bread in a day theory.

But hey, both groups of people appear to be happy - I get my money and people, even though they became very fat, live on eating three loaves of bread in a day. Except, the only way I can hold on to this position, is to keep lying to everyone.

So, you probably guessed it - system I made with three loaves of bread in a day is a devilish, evil system. What is the discerning factory?

In a divine system, if you know all the facts, you choose to participate in the system of your own free will for your own benefit.

Yes, you still participate for your benefit, and you get what you want. And in you getting what you want other parties get what they want. You can be completely selfish in a divine system, doing the right way, while not trampling anyone's rights under your own feet. This is how bodies and communities form naturally from self-willing people, working for their own benefit and secondarily for the benefits of others.

Consider a husband and wife. If we know about fractality, that marriage is an image of God's relationship with his people, we know that God does everything for his own pleasure and his own glory.

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. - Revelation 4:11

Women, before there came about many bureaucratic needless work opportunities for them, sought men who would take care of them. Of course, there are hormones and sex, but in this transaction, a man gets what he wants - pleasure from her freewill of choosing him, especially if she's a virgin and she trusts you alone with her nakedness. Also, man gets an offspring. The woman also gets what she needs - being taken care of by her man and she doesn't need to go to work and can raise children in the grace of her man. Her life becomes very simple if all the thinking is done by her man.

And, of course, if the woman wants to learn everything her man knows, she would just come up to the same conclusion, that my man takes care of me for his glory and for his name's sake and keeps me around because I bring him glory and pleasure. My husband is competent and I like him taking care of me and taking all the complexities of life out of my head.

Now, consider a marriage of an average beta soy boy to a used up slut. Does a slut bring glory to a man? So many men had her, and you were the one to put a ring on her finger? People laugh behind your back for marrying a whore? So, such marriage is evil by itself, because the man doesn't get all he is supposed to get from such contract. And, of course, sex is worse for the slut after being married to a soy boy, because beta boy will never satisfy her the way all the chads run through her in her youth. And often, such women don't even sleep with their husbands. And the woman gets money from such beta boy. This is one sided transaction, and hence, not a divine system, and hence, evil.

Or, consider the sluts that give up their nakedness to very high value men who will never commit to them. These men get sex, woman just degrades her value, develop all kinds of mental disorders that sluts develop, and don't get a ring on her finger. This is also one sided transaction, where man gets everything, and hence not a divine system. Would woman sleep with a man if she knew that his plans for her were pump and dump and she is not taken seriously? A lot of them wouldn't.

So, to create divine systems is quite simple, and decentralized #defi movement is doing it.
1. Be completely transparent about your plans
2. Reward all the participants of the system with what they want

A great example of this is crypto exchanges that used to make the bank on the transaction volume due to trading fee. Now, with decentralized exchanges, you, as an average joe, can provide liquidity to the market and receive that fee. Trader gets what he wants - he trades some coin from A to B, you get what you want - fee for providing liquidity for him to make this trade. Win, win - a divine system.

A great example of an evil system is modern medicine, well, I wouldn't call it medicine, I'd call it butchering. Read a book "Goodbye germ theory: ending a century of medical fraud" by William Trebing, where he exposes vaccines for the fraud it is which only causes you to be unhealthy and more sick than had you done nothing at all. And entire world is brainwashed, taught since high school that vaccines are supposedly heroes that eradicated many deadly diseases. Ignorant fools shame and mock you for being an antivaxxer. Yet whenever you investigate an issue you find out time and time again that entire medical establishment is a worthless industry that provides no benefit to society and should not exist. Imagine all the money they have to spend yearly to keep you brainwashed - definitely a devilish system.

Divine systems are much simpler, transparent, coherent, correct, have no lies or inconsistencies in them. This is the way of the LORD, so that inevitably, after seeking him we would come to him and give him glory for his infinite wisdom.